Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Bird Watching ( Thailand national parks)

Bird watching (Thailand National parks) Bird Watching
Bird watching is a popular activity of studying nature. visitors can not only enjoy watching beautiful birds, getting fresh air, and doing some exercises which maintain that person to be healthy, but also recognize and understand the relationship between bird and environment in which can lead visitors to be aware of its value, and to take heed in preserving both bird and environment.
Bird Watching Equipment
Bird watching is an easy activity. visitors have only some equipment can go to enjoy watching birds in the nature. The main bird watching equipments are.

  • Binocular is necessary equipment for watching bird in long distance clearly.

  • Bird Watching Manual is a book providing illustration and information of each bird in which bird watcher can sort out the type of bird found correctly.

  • Record Book is a book for collecting details of bird found for studying later.
    Bird watching (Thailand National parks) Preparing
    Well preparing will enable visitors to find birds easily. When going out to find birds, visitors should dress in outfit harmonious with nature, not easily observed by birds, and in which visitors can get closer to that bird, such as in brown, gray or brown color outfit. The outfit should be long-sleeves shirt, full-length trouser for protecting visitors from sunlight and prickle. Shoes should be comfort shoes with socks to prevent graze during walking. Moreover, if going bird watching on High Mountain, visitors should bring woolen coat in winter and raincoat in the rains.
    Bird Watching Time
    Bird watcher should start bird watching in early morning, which birds also start to find something to eat. This time, birds are very active, hardly ever hiding, so visitors can easily find them. When the temperature is hotter, the birds will go to rest in the trees in which visitors hardly find them. Until late afternoon, the birds will go out to find something to eat again. That is a suitable time for bird watching.
    Bird watching (Thailand National parks) How to watch bird
    Bird watchers should go in small groups, better about 2-3 persons, that will enable them to easier find birds than in a big group. When finding birds, bird watchers should take particular quiet, not make noise, avoid standing obviously, and watch the birds from hiding places such as behind a tree for example.
    When and where to go watch bird
    In varied nature of Thailand, each place has different types of bird. Therefore, visitors traveling to different part of Thailand will find different types of bird as well, and, sometimes, new type of bird especially in migrating season. visitors should select the place for bird watching to suit that season, such as, to go watch bird in high mountain when the birds are migrating in winter in Doi Inthanon National Park and Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, or to go watch bird when the birds are migrating in mangrove area in Sam Roi Yot National Park, for examples. And in the rains, visitors should go to local forest for bird watching, such as, in Khao Yai National Park, Kang Khachan National Park, Khao Luang National Park, and Thale Ban National Park for examples.